We could talk about other things_________but why not, on a first creation of this group, start right there – a time that has changed, people who transform, a society that moves like an immature child.


There is an enforced speed in the conquest of a centre, an abstract concept created by the social collective about a place of prosperity. Does it exist?! Sometimes it is there, like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but actually it is no more than a utopia which lives in the horizon to help us in our way. In this place, here in this present moment, we talk about a blow which brought an invisible visa to a world with another time and bodies who look for other ways to express beauty. 

bodies__________________who look for other ways to express beauty



Empathy___________________leads people to help each other. That is our centre. What he strive here to achieve. Peacefully, with time to breathe deeply, reinventing us and laughing at ourselves.