performance . video installation

2017. video installation crop

2017. video installation crop

A performance about a way to immateriality or___ an essay about___________________ an anti-gravitational stage.

___________________Space, matter which doesn’t take place.



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Focusing on the branch of Physics that studies the changes in temperature, pressure and volume, in Nuvens (Clouds), there is the dissection of the concept of thermodynamics – therme, heat; dynamis – power.

In its essence, thermodynamics studies the movement of energy and how energy creates movement: heat; energy in motion; dynamics; movement.

The movement compensates the frustration of the idle, who suffers with the lowness of a too vulgar life, and wishes to rise. Everything we refer to as lowness is a phenomenon of gravity.

Nuvens (Clouds) is the possibility to travel to a temple of untroubledness, the sensation of absence of weight – anti-gravity.



Nuvens at Centro Cultural de Cascais . 2018 . Diana Coelho . Cascais

Nuvens at Festival Silêncio . 2017 . Diana Coelho . Lisbon

SWIPE, BABY SWIPE at Tal Gallery . 2017 . Diana Coelho, Fabian Albertini, Gabriela Maciel, Giola Di Girolamo, João Paulo Serafim, Mark Kraus, Paulo Arraiano and Rafael Alonso. Cidadela Art District . Cascais