I see the body as_____________a mutant biographical reservoir [biography (from ancient Greek: βιογραφία , from βíος - bíos, life and γράφειν – gráphein, writing)], in which life, in human experience, affects, in the sense that it brings about consequences. That____________process produces answers and the need to return reflections through the body and the voice in space.


I like the idea of________________________the artist as a social seismograph, whom an almost divine distance allows to, like the clouds, due to atmospheric phenomena, outburst in a storm, or in diluted, nearly imperceptible shapes. Aesthetic pictures of conceptual, moral and philosophical subjects in a place of excess towards dematerialization and the minimal, in which the path to invisibility has already proved to be visible.


I consider the art of performance as_________an act of giving form, a way of fulfilling ideas and concepts____________________images that seize a body in order to be seen, so that they find there their existence/materialization.